General information

"We strongly encourage you to read these rules before you can successfully complete the purchase, and also effectively use your personal cabinet!"

Azerbaijan Railways CJSC offers its customers electronic services for the purchase of travel documents (tickets) on the domestic and international passenger trains in the online mode via the use of plastic cards.

The terms used in this usage are:

- Departure date: The start date of the train starting from the station.

- Departure history: It is the date when the passenger goes to the train station.

- Departure date: The time it takes for a passenger to arrive at the departure station (shown in local time).

- Arrival date: The date of reaching the passenger's destination station.

- Arrival time: The time of the passenger's arrival to the destination station (displayed locally).

- Users: Client who wants to buy tickets online.

Customers can purchase a ticket either sign up or without. Registered customers will have a personal cabinet other than the others and will be able to take advantage of the following advantages:

Making any number of passenger profiles in your personal cabinet will be able to use this profile as passenger information at the time of purchase. This will allow the user to purchase shorter-time tickets by entering the passenger information more quickly;

Will be able to see all the tickets he / she has received before;

Buying and purchasing tickets that have not been printed online will be able to return their personal cabinet without any cash registers.

"With the help of the website, you can place a reservation for any destination on the route, either within or outside the country, for the movement of passenger trains."

"The orders made via the Internet are uninterrupted, and payments for these orders are made through plastic cards."

Ticket booking via the Internet is carried out 3 hours before the train departs from the train station.

"The following transactions in the online ticket sales system are: (For these operations, passengers are requested to contact the ticket offices of ""Azerbaijan Railways"" CJSC)." ticket order at discounted rates; ticket to the electric trains moving in the suburbs.

- tickets with discounted rates

- ticket to the electric trains moving in the suburbs.

Documentation of small pets and luggage transportation.

4 destinations in one direction with the Internet, 8 places can be ordered when traveling.

"It is recommended that tickets purchased via Internet and paid by plastic card be purchased at ticket stores of ""Azerbaijan Railways"" by submitting an identification document (indicated in the ticket order) 1 (one) hour prior to departure from the train station. After checking the information in the submitted document (s), the ticket is printed and sent to the passenger. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please contact the ticket office on time. It is not permitted to change the places ordered by the Internet to someone else's name. It is important to remember that passengers are allowed to travel only with a documented ticket on their own behalf. The passengers are allowed to board the ticket and after submitting the identity card to the wagon guide."

Return of unused tickets

"Unregistered users can only redeem tickets they book online. Also, if a ticket purchased online, regardless of whether it is registered or not, can still be returned from the ticket box. Only registered users can return their personal cabinet if they do not print their online ticket online. In all cases, refunds are made in accordance with the ""Return Rules"". The amount to be returned to the customer is credited to the bank account of the purchaser within 7 to 30 calendar days from the date of refunding the documents in accordance with international rules."

Online ticket sales are as follows:

- Initial inquiry;

- Selection of train and carriages;

- Inclusion of passenger information;

- Location selection;

- Payment;

- end.

Initial inquiry

At this stage, you must make choices on the following areas that are in your original form:

- Where (departure station);

- (destination station);

- Direction (one direction or departure);

- Departure date (return date as well as return date);

- Number of passengers (adults, children, babies);

- Agree with the rules.

First-time ticket purchase through online from where (departure) and to (destination) stations are selected;

By doing so, you can quickly find the station you need by typing the station name exactly or several letters.

You can move the selected station and destination stations by pressing the button marked "counter-arrows" between the station names;

As a direction One Direction (only available options will be provided on the route specified) Departure-return (options available on departure and return directions on the stations mentioned);

As a direction One Direction if selected Departure date Departure-return if selected Return date.

Departure date The number of passengers is recorded in the sections corresponding to age groups. For more information on choices available here, you may want to read Ordering Documents and Purchase Guidelines

In order to avoid misunderstandings when ordering online orders, it is important that you always have to familiarize yourself with the Rules of Documentation and Purchase of Tickets. To continue purchasing

Ticket search button is pressed after the options are completed.


At this stage, the following information available on the date of each departure date is provided to the user in accordance with the choices made in the Initial inquiry.

- Information about trains (numbers,routes);

- total number of empty seats on the train type;

- the number of vacancies on each of the wagons (empty space) in the train;

- the amount of the maximum ticket price for the number of passengers included (this price can be reduced by placing seats on the poster and trains being moved);

- depature time;

- arrive time;

If the total number of vacant seats in the train found in the survey is less than the number of passengers selected by the client at the FIRST QUARTER stage, then this train will not be offered to the client. In addition, if the total number of vacancies for any type of carriageway found in the survey results is less than the number of customers selected by the client at the FIRST QUERGE stage, then it is not available for this type of caravan.

This stage is the date of departure (if this is the direction at the stage of the Initial inquiry) arrival deputare (as well as the return date), the date (s) entered by the customer at the Initial inquiry stage.

Once the date is cleared, the other information is updated in the corresponding date.

One of the types of trains and wagons offered for departure is selected.

Also, if the direction in the Initial inquiry stage arrival deputare

To make the selection more accurate, the current status of the carriageway at the bottom of the carriageway can be compressed by tapping on the button with the "eye" on the left side of the carriageway. Passing to the next stage

Next or return to the back stage push the button Back.


adults and child passenger and the number starting with 1 passenger is conditionally written. When entering information about passengers, it is important that they fill out large and convenient forms of access for the child. It is important to be careful when filling in the passenger information;

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered. The client is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered;

The information must be recorded in accordance with the identity document;

The name and surname of the passenger must be indicated in the passport in English when buying train tickets in the local area, in Azerbaijani and international trains

The baby information can be entered in the popup window when you click the

Add baby button. The baby's registration is carried out on that passenger; When entering the date of birth, the first year should be selected later on month and day;

Registered users who entered into a personal agreement can also use the profiles of passengers they previously registered in their personal account to include information about passengers. This is at the top of the data entry form

adults (passenger X) it is enough to choose any passenger from the drop-down list. The list of passengers in the list of profiles is given in the age category of the form (adult, child, child); After selecting any passenger from the list of profiles, the information for editing is situated at the top of the form

Save you can also save by pressing the button; Users who have access to their private office can also after entering information about passengers

Save pressing the button can also store this information as a passenger profile in the personal account. After the stage of enterance information about the passengers

next you can switch to the CHOICE of PLACE step by pressing the button.


The selected places at this stage will not be booked and stored for the client until they reach the PAYMENT stage. Therefore, it is recommended to complete this stage as soon as possible and proceed to PAYMENT. Since your choice of location (s) is selected by another client at the same time and moves to the PAYMENT stage before you, you will be notified that the seats you have selected are already selected and you will be returned to this stage;

Depending on the direction chosen at the FIRST SURFACE, it is necessary to choose a place for all adults and children's passengers either for departure or for arrival and departure;

All wagons of the type chosen by the customer during the selection of train and TYPE are provided to the client as wagons. When choosing each car, the visual form of the seats on the carriageway is given to the client

The empty places that can be selected in the visual form are shown in green;

When you click on the place you have chosen, you need to select the passenger name from the list of names of the largest and child passengers that were not reserved

When the place is arranged, the color of this place varies from green to blue, and the name of this passenger is removed from the list of names of the largest and passengers of the child,

When buying a ticket from a computer, the mouse pointer will be displayed in the selected location where it is located; (Mobile devices do not have a mouse tag, so it's impossible to see it

When choosing a place for a few passengers, it is possible to choose places from different wagons;

To choose a different location for the landlord, you must first select a new location to free the selected location;

First of all, it is enough to push the place to release the selected place

After completing the PLACE SELECTION

next the button have to pushed


From this stage users are not allowed to register and log in to their personal cabinet

From this stage, the limit is 3 (three) minutes to complete the sale. The system will return the customer to the PLACE SELECTION stage after the limit has expired

The payment process needs to be continued by selecting one of the payment systems;

Writing card information in the form of entering the card information provided by the selected payment system Ödə or Approve you need to continue paying by pressing the button.

If the payment system fails to receive information after entering information about the card, the client will be returned to the LOCATION SELECTION step if the expiration period has expired within a 3-minute period, if the client has not completed the 3-minute period, you can continue by selecting the system.

In addition, for any technical reasons, even if the payment system is not available for sale, the customer will be returned to the back PLACE and the money withdrawn from the client's account will be returned

back button and can not return to the previous page. Instead, at any stage at this stage complete the sale operations button and can complete the ticket purchase without paying


At this stage, it is possible to send, print, or memorize the received ticket information to an email address

If several tickets are purchased at a time, each of these tickets can be sent to a separate email address, and to send all information to an email address

Even if users who are members of the Dashboard do not use this feature here, all ticket data are automatically sent to their e-mail address

After completing operations pass a new ticket sales button to switch to repeat ticket sales.


  • You can make registered and unregistered sales through an online sales system;
  • Sales data are not saved when purchasing an unregistered product. However, registered users are connected to the system enter registration
  • personal cabinet enter buttons on the top right of the page; It is possible to log in to the personal cabinet
  • "To register, click the registration button, and the required sections in the registration window will be filled in."
  • "After registration, a confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail address. Entering an email, you need to confirm the registration in the link in this letter;"
  • any stage
  • registration pass and enterance to personal cabinet


After logging in from the main menu, you can access the Account by clicking the My Account button;

personal cabinet user data , profiles , my tickets and change password units are available;

  • The information contained in the "User Information" section is displayed
    • It is possible to modify user data;
    • After making any changes save pressing the key and changing the access code accept is being
  • profiles you can save the information about the passenger you want to automatically fill in by selecting profiles from the ticket purchase
    • To change the profile, press 3 (three) to the right of each profile, and then edit or delete one of the buttons is selected and the corresponding operation is performed;
    • Any changes to the passenger information on the profile are made in the editing section, and in the end accept the button is pushed
    • Add a new profile By pressing the button, the passenger information is added to the window for the new profile add added by pressing the button;
    • in addition to the information in the section on passengers for buying tickets save you can add a new profile by clicking on the icon. for this you need to log in first.
  • My tickets section of the ticket is recorded.
    • Printing is printed and ticket data is printed.

    • Password change the password in the password change section
    • Geri qaytarma düyməsini basaraq bileti qaydalara uyğun geri qaytarmaq mümkündür.

    • First, the current password is saved, then the new password is saved and the new password is re-marked remember click the button to change the old password with a new password.